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Aquascope regularly takes interns to help carry out its huge task.

It is possible to do an internship at Aquascope Virelles as part of a course or simply on your own initiative: there are lots of projects, and there is plenty of work to be done. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you would like to participate in our work and share the magic of the pond with us. At Virelles you will find enthusiastic, welcoming members of staff and a very special work environment.

There are various types of activity at Aquascope Virelles:

  • Conservation: these activities are more scientific in nature. The task of conservation is to maintain and improve the quality of the environments in the reserve. This includes carrying out censuses of the fauna (bats, birds, amphibians, orthoptera etc.), managing the environments, keeping the locals informed, measuring the quality of the water, and so on.

  • Awareness-raising: the association that manages Virelles pond has taken on the task of making people more aware and teaching them about nature and protection of the environment. Various activities are organised by this purpose, to suit different target audiences:

    For children: nature courses, residential courses (green or blue, i.e. land-based or water-based), school projects, class activities (which have to change regularly), etc.

    For the general public: welcoming visitors, giving guided tours of the nature centre and the nature trail, events or large games for families, exhibitions etc. With the same objective, we take advantage of the large number of tourists visiting the nature centre to raise awareness among them. The centre includes a restaurant, a nature shop, an adventure playground and an audiovisual display room, with a dynamic team of volunteers who take it in turns to welcome the visitors.

  • Maintenance: as you can imagine, there’s plenty of work to be done on a site covering 120 hectares! This includes taking care of the animals, mowing the reeds, maintaining the green spaces and the building, large and small repairs, etc.

In addition to these specific activities there are more general tasks such as communication, promotion, environmental management of the buildings, webmastering, setting up new projects and so on.

We take interns for all of these, and it is also possible to spread your internship over several activities. The work of the association covers a huge range of fields, and the interns come from all sorts of backgrounds: they may be agronomists, naturalists, tourism or communication students, youth leaders, IT experts, graphic designers or simply nature lovers.

Communal accommodation is available free of charge for interns at Virelles. While the members of personnel are at the disposal of interns, the latter are encouraged to be independent. Moreover, the longer the internship, the more independence and responsibility interns may assume.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us!


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